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Creating this website

I found this website a couple of years ago. I just put it fast together, and then did not have either time or interest

to do anything. I was so ashamed of my slapdash job, that I barely visited here. I was waiting for an inspiration.

I don't know, why it took so long, but now I have enjoyed immensely enhancing my poor website. I have enjoyed that so much, that I think this could be a never ending job. One idea leads to the other. Now I am so filled with ideas, that I barely sleep at nights. This is just too fun to stop.

I am not a professional web designer, nor does my site ever will look professional. I kind of know, what I should do, but I rather have fun and make it my way. It's maybe not cleverest thing to do, but that is how I do everything. Know the rules and them break them! All of them.

One rule I have, which I am not going to break - I want to site to look like I wanted to be - joyful and happy. I want it feel like home. And so far it does - at a moment a little bit messy, but I clean it up.

I am going to make it look really nice! And hopefully functional enough. :)

#itKuPiLLi #webdesign

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