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Kirsi *itKuPiLLi* Rouvinen

I am originally from Finland. Living currently in Los Angeles, California.


I've studied drawing, painting, art history, architecture and hat making. I've been an interior designer, an artisan and I've owned  an antique/artisan/interior boutique.

One of my passion has been creating collage art. Paper collages until around 2006. Then I first tried digital photo editing. And finally found my calling.

 2007 I totally dropped everything else, and put all my attention on learning photo editing. 

Kirsi itKuPiLLi Rouvinen

I am still learning. I enjoy immensely creating digital collages. But I like to call myself an amateur  (from Latin amatorem nom. amator, "lover") artist. Creating digital art is more like a hobby, my playground. Even  I now offer also prints of my art work due to several requests, I still want to create just for fun.

Today I am full time digital graphic designer. As much as I love to create art I love to create digital supplies to fellow artist and artisans. I am an exclusive designer at Mischief Circus. 

If you want to read more, here are couple of interviews:

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